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Palmerston North
Gillian Hunt Counselling

I am a counsellor, therapist and group facilitator, with a strong background in training, and 19 years of experience in these roles. I believe in the importance of safety and support, and work in ways that are genuinely effective.

Gillian Hunt
Wanting to make changes in your life?

In counselling and therapy you can learn much more about yourself, by working with me to reveal your strengths and resources, and to unravel issues and problems. The more you know about yourself, the more you will be able to gain healthy and positive control over what’s happening within you, and around you.

Wanting to make changes to your relationship?

Feelings of flatness or difficulties in a relationship can be clarified, worked on, and a surprising range of positive changes can be achieved. It’s possible for new appreciation, awareness and enjoyment to emerge. This kind of ‘fine tuning’ will enhance a relationship that is already quite good, or can breathe in new life where hopelessness has set in. Even if just one partner attends counselling, significant positive differences can be gained

Looking for ways to build better family or workplace communication?

Rewarding improvements can be successfully made in parent-child relationships, extended family relationships, and in the workplace. You can gain new skills in how to have clear, respectful and assertive (non-aggressive) exchanges with significant people at home and at work. These skills can dramatically reduce stress.

Carrying a burden of difficult feelings?

Anxiety, confusion, grief, anger, and depressed feelings are burdens that hold you back from having a satisfying life. We can work together to clearly identify and understand your feelings, attend to them, then reduce and settle them so you feel free to create the fulfilment you want.